Friday, April 16, 2010

The Staircase

What to do with the staircase?  Currently it is functional, but that is about it.  The picture was taken during some construction, so there is a lot of drywall dust.  The carpet has also been removed and the steps have been painted.  In the end, like I said, it is functional.

I like a little bit of drama when it comes to staircases!  I would love to have vaulted ceilings with a wide and elegant looking staircase. However, that really isn't practical, especially since that would mean taking out an upstairs bedroom just to have vaulted ceilings.  There goes my sewing room!

So, I was taking a look at a site called Architectural Stairs and Products, Ltd.  They have a wonderful gallery of photos.  I really wouldn't mind having any of those shown on the site in the house; however, I think that a spiral staircase could work well.  Like the ones shown on the site, we can add a dramatic entrance, and we will not need to have vaulted ceilings.  Maybe I like the spiral staircase best because that is what I grew up with!?!

My husband told me when we were purchasing house, "We can make any changes we want."  I may be paraphrasing, but I promise, that was the gist of his statement.  The one piece I am a little fuzzy on is the last word... maybe he said "need."  Please tell me a new staircase is a need!

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