Monday, April 19, 2010

How About a Sink?

When we were considering purchasing our home, we were showing our friends and family pictures of the kitchen and about 75% of them had their mouths' drop open.  To be honest, I wouldn't have been able to tell you the color of the sink until the first mouth dropped open and said, "ACH!  Look at that sink - it is YELLOW!"

So I guess we should replace the sink.  We might as well, since we are looking to replace the cabinets and counters.  We haven't quite decided on the type of sink, but these are on my list to consider:
Kohler K-3328-3 PRO TaskCenter full countertop triple-basin kitchen sink with three-hole faucet

I think the triple basin is my favorite!  When we wash dishes we usually have one side filled with soapy water and the other side filled with rinse water.  It never seems to fail to happen, just when we get both sides of the sink filled with hot water, we find a pot of water or something we would like to put down the sink.  With this third basin, we won't need to worry about having the sink filled with the water.

Kohler actually has some cast iron three basin sinks that I like, but I couldn't find a picture that I could load onto the blog; therefore, you will have to go see it yourself here.  at least Kohler has a really nice site, I am sure you will enjoy it!

I think I like the self rimming better than the undermount sinks.  I also am leaning toward the enameled cast iron instead if the stainless steel. The one below is a nice double basin.

Kohler K-6491-2R-7 Black Black Tanager Double Basin Cast Iron Kitchen Sink from the Tanage Series K-6491-2R

Now to pick out the counter tops!

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  1. That 3 basin sink on amazon made me swoon. :)