Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wall Designs

Pink Flowers & Butterflies Peel & Stick Removable Home Wall Art Sticker Decals

I actually first saw removable wall decals in our new house.  Currently, there is a wonderful family living in our house.  They have a lot of cute things up in the house, including some removable wall decals.

I was browsing online and found this wonderful website Dezign with a Z.  I have not ordered from them...yet, but I have found that they have a variety of decals, from decorating the nursery to your teenager's bedroom to your formal dining room.  It has something for every room.

Below are some wall decals that I was able to find on Amazon that I like.

Dr seuss cat in the hat removable vinyl wall art wall candy

Wouldn't this Cat in the Hat be great in a little reading nook?  How fun to be able to read Dr. Seuss books with the Cat in the Hat looking right over your shoulder!

Spring Birds in Tree Silhouette Vinyl Home Wall Art Sticker Decals

It is so neat to see how these decals can go from fun and silly to simple and sweet to formal and clean.  Check out Dezign with a Z.  I think you will like it!

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  1. Target actually sells a bunch of these now for around $10. I can't wait till hubby finishes up our house so we can move in. I am itching to buy some of these. They are just too cute