Saturday, April 10, 2010

No More Closet Doors

In our house we have the sliding closet doors that always seem to be coming off the track because the kids like to open them up, walk in the closet and end up leaning against them or pushing their toys too far out against the doors.

When I saw this kids bedroom with a curtain in place instead of a closet door I became an instant fan!

This will make everything so much easier in their room!  Especially since the closet door is usually off the track and therefore, stuck in the middle where one cannot open it either way, but has to squeeze through on the sides.  

This is an idea that would have hardly no cost and would be so nice!  I love that!


  1. Lol They were like that when I had that room. :)

  2. You had curtains?? Or was it that they were always falling off the track. I consulted with our contractor/hand-man, Johnny :), and he doesn't think curtains are a good idea :(