Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Locker Furniture

Teen Trends Desk - 52" x 21" x 30-1/4"HAmerican Furniture Alliance Locker 4 Drawer Dresser, Multicolor
Elite Locker Twin BedElite Locker Nightstand
I am not sure if our boy will want this furniture, but I really like it! At least through 8th grade, maybe even into highschool!

I feel it might inspire him to get into his studies and see that it is an important part of his childhood.

I also think that having a place to study is very important.  Having his own desk in his room he would have his own quiet space to finish his homework.

And how neat, then, to have all of the furniture matching his studious desk - his bed, his dresser, his night stand!  How fun!

It might even be neat to get a regular tall locker for him to place his coat and backpack!  I am liking this - now to convince my boy!

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