Monday, April 5, 2010

Boat Shelves

Medium Boat ShelfMy husband and I met while working at a Christrian Bible Camp during our college summer breaks.  We both enjoy the outdoors.  At camp we have a break week in the middle of the summer.  During two of our summers, my future husband (little did I know then!), six other camp counselors and I headed up to the beautiful boundary waters, which are lakes between Minnesota and Canada.

Only boats without motors are allowed.  There are thousands of lakes to explore.  We would camp between the lakes each night.  The lakes are only a hundred yards or so apart, sometimes closer, sometimes a little farther.

We would take the 14 hour car ride up to the boundary waters and spend the week on the water.  It was absolutely beautiful.

This is the reason why I think I like these boat shelves so much.  I would love to have a Northwoods looking basement or guest room.  These shelves would just make the perfect addition to the Northwoods room!

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  1. absolutely LOVE this!!! seriously totally stealing this idea one day!