Friday, April 2, 2010

River Rock Tile

Toemi Terra Jade 12 x 12 Pebble Tile

I think I am a fan!  This is river rock tile that can be used pretty much anywhere - sidewalk, pool deck, stove back splash, etc.  But I think I want it in my shower!

I got this idea from a photo of a shower on This Old House. 

Our house is out in the country, so it would be nice to have a house that has a pretty natural feel in the inside as well.  If you ask me, you can hardly get any more natural than river rocks for your bathroom floor!

The photo at This Old House shows a gray tile for the sides of the shower.  I am not quite sold on that yet.  They just look too rigid; however, I think having the river rock tile on the sides is going a bit overboard.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi Sarah! I just found your blog, it's almost inspiring me to continue mine.... almost. anyways my nanny family had this in one of there bathroom including shower. it looked awesome and felt great on the bare feet, totally comforting. I say you guys should go for it. And it looked awesome. there's was all white but it would look great any color. (Esther)