Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Electricity, No Problem...

...well, maybe for one evening!

We did not have electricity for the evening yesterday.  It is AMAZING how much I take the electricity for granted!  Even though I knew the electricity was out, I don't know how many times my husband, kids and I flipped on the light switch when entering a dark room.

A few good things did come from having no electricity yesterday.  First, we enjoyed staying outdoors having nice conversation with a friend, instead of sitting inside with the distractions of the television.

Another plus is that I was able to get lost in a great book, Gates of Zion , from the Zion Covenant series! 

And how fun it was to get the camp lantern, candles and flashlights out?!!

But, most of all, I found out how much I like gas stoves.  Because we have a gas stove, there was no delay in supper!  I jJust turned on the burner, lit a match and dinner was on its way!  I wouldn't mind upgrading to this five burner someday!!

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