Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bunk Beds

With sweet bundle #3 on the way, we are in the market for bunk beds.  I accidentally happened onto a site called Sweet Retreat Kids.  Wow! Do they have some AWESOME bunk beds and kids beds!  If space and money were not an issue, our sweet girl would become a princess nightly in this castle bed.  And our good ol' boy would be dreaming of monster trucks!

Maxtrix Twin Medium High Bunk BedSince we probably will not be able to go those routes, Sweet Retreat Kids did introduce me to a company called Maxtrix.  It looks like their bunk beds are pretty nice!  This is the one I have picked out!  I don't think we would need to worry about anyone fighting over the top bunk because the bottom bunk is like a little fort or house!

I am putting in a request for one of these!


  1. So sweet! We just went to Kmart for Lily and Hannah's bed. It's simple, white, and oh so cheap. :)

  2. So cute!! We are in the market for bunk beds too, but those are way out of our range too!