Monday, March 29, 2010

The Ultimate Play House

My husband and I have fallen in love with the idea of having a "life-like" play house for our children, especially for our sweet daughter.

Lilliput Play Homes  has so many great ideas and have inspired my husband to start planning to build one for us - and one for my parents, sister, brother, cousin - do you want one? - we are just so excited about them.

Now as  you can see, these play houses are not just places to play in during the day.  Many of these plans have room for a loft where you can set up a bed or two so that slumber parties can be held in the play house! 

Our daughter is already planning on what to put in the play house.  She found an old rotary phone that she is planning on having.  We also have a small refrigerator, that may make its way in there. However, there are a lot of different woodworking plans for creating furniture and kitchen "appliances" that would be very nice too.

Isn't it so fun to dream about all the possibilities you have with your home and yard!


  1. I think Lily, Jake and Hannah need one! Don't you think??