Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Barn Roof!

We have a new barn roof!  Our barn had been leaking and if wanted to save it, we really needed to install a new roof.  The barn is tall with a steep roof; therefore, we wanted to HIRE it done so that my dad would not be climbing up there!  The problem, we hired my dad's buddies (who are carpenters/roofers), but that means Dad helped!  Praise God no one was hurt!   For the record, it was not that I wanted someone else to get hurt!  I just wanted to hire people that do this everyday, thinking they were probably used to the heights!

They completed the roof in less than three days!  We bought Hutchinson Cocoa Brown Steel roofing.  I think we are really going to be happy with it.  We chose to use steel roofing for its benefits. It stands so well in the elements, the roof should last longer than asphalt shingles.  Additionally, the reason why the roof did go on so quickly, there was no need to rip off the old asphalt shingles.  

Unfortunately we have not yet seen it in person, but we have enjoyed seeing the pictures!  One day...one day!!

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